EXTREMELY LIMITED: This special edition of Hybrid Ecomm will be promptly removed from the market after SOLD OUT

YES! I'm ready to discover the cutting-edge secrets behind the Hybrid Ecomm system and use this knowledge to my advantage. I understand that by the very nature of how fast it is to implement and profit from this system that I will consider helping others less fortunate.

Here's what your getting: Access to a system for selling products that very few people even know about, much less actually use. The system allows you to get to market FAST without the headaches normally associated with an online store.

  • Your journey will begin with a series of videos that explains exactly what the system is and every single nuance to implement it.
  • Skype call number 1 will be picking your niche. This isn't as daunting or as scary as it sounds, yet holds up 99% of the people that know what this system is. My job will be to provide a clear path for you. Talking on Skype doesn't interest you? No worries, we can do it all through email if you prefer.
  • After the niche is picked, I will give you my recommended domain registrar and hosting provider. We are potentially building a very large store, so getting this part right is critical.
  • Once hosting is secured, my team will install and configure WordPress. We've built thousands of sites and know the little-known tweaks to make that secures your site as well as optimizes it for the search engines. We won't hold anything back.
  • Once your site is up and running, you will need to add the products. Don't worry, I will show you how to do it in less than 2 hours (it takes me 15 minutes).
  • Lastly, after your site is complete, we will have another Skype call (or email exchange) and I will design a custom promotional plan for your new site. Follow the plan = PROFIT!


Bonus #1 – I want you in my mastermind (The BaxterMind). It's a $997/yr investment. If you think your new Hybrid Ecomm site rocks and you enjoyed the training, then I will give you an opportunity to join the BaxterMind at a very special discount. This is only for Hybrid Ecomm buyers!

Bonus #2 – I will send you a special video report on how to make YouTube your B****! YouTube can be a powerhouse for product promotion, but you have to know the tricks of the trade to make it actually work for you. After our second Skype call (or email exchange), I will send this to you.

Bonus #3 – Facebook. It's an ecommerce site owners dream traffic network. I will share another video on exactly how I use Facebook with my Hybrid Ecomm sites. Again, this will be sent after our second call.

Bonus #4 – Live and on-going case study. What happens when a site is or isn't making sales? How do you react on the fly? Wonder no more as you will see me build a site from scratch, promote it, and adjust as needed.

The only way to get access to this workshop is by being a an active member of the Virtual Baxtermind.

If interested in joining, then let's talk and see if it's a good fit.