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Pick A City With a Population Over 1 Million
Pick A City With a Population Between 500k and 1 Million
Pick A City With a Population Between 200k and 500k

Offer recap:

  • Make up to $300 per sale recurring monthly.
  • We close the sales for you (autoresponder and phone).
  • Make up to $99/mo recurring on premium members.
  • You are the ONLY one to control a location.
  • Custom domain registered, hosted, and maintained for you.
  • Your own custom site build just for your city. This is YOUR site, so you can add any content or make any changes you want once delivered.
  • DATA!
    • Every Friday, you will get a weekly wrap-up video from me explaining everything I did to grow the business. I will discuss traffic sources, results, ad creative, emails, everything.
    • You can use any of my ad creative (all will be provided in the weekly wrap-up).
  • Invitation to the Nov 4-5 Baxtermind in Austin, Texas.
  • Extensive conversion tracking!